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    Gaming on Linux in August 2018. Any user feedback from owners of R9 FuryX/Nano/Fury/Vega cards?




      I am almost completely migrated over Linux as my main OS now. I have grown tired of Microsoft OS since Windows 10 launch.
      Windows 7 64bit support ends completely on 14 Jan 2020. AMD provide no new Windows 8.1 64bit Drivers for my cards, even though Microsoft support ends on 20 Jan 2023.


      I am running Linux versions are Ubuntu 18.04 and 16.04 LTS for general use.
      I also run Centos for testing and Fedora to test newest Linux features.

      One thing I need to get more experience with is Gaming on Linux.

      So far I have tried a number of Steam titles on Linux, there are an increasing number of games already available for Linux on Steam.
      However some games crash out on me with latest AMDGPU/Pro drivers and Vulkan.


      I thought the following Videos may be interesting to some people considering a move to Linux from Windows:


      This Video is a good starting point:

      Gaming on Linux - With WENDELL from Level1Techs! - YouTube


      These videos from Wendell of Level1Techs go into more detail:

      Linux Gaming: Natively (part 1 of 4) - YouTube

      Linux Gaming: DXVK, Wine, and Lutris (Part 2 of 4) - YouTube

      There are another two videos in this series to be released in future.

      Here is a link to Lutris: Lutris - Open Gaming Platform


      I am currently running R9 FuryX/Nano/Fury Cards.
      I am still considering purchase of a PowerColor  RX Vega 56 Red Dragon, if I can get one cheaply enough.


      Does anyone out there with R9 FuryX/Nano/Fury/Vega Cards have any experience running Steam games on Ubuntu 16.04/18.04LTS on  Wine, Lutris? with latest AMDGPU/Pro drivers?
      Is it worth it or should I just create a Virtual Windows 10 Machine on Linux and use PCIe Passthrough for the GPU?