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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Fullscreen Fps Bug

Question asked by timk on Aug 16, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2018 by timk

Pro Evo 19 has the same fullscreen fps bug on AMD video cards as Pro Evo 18:

[PSA] Fullscreen mode drops FPS on some AMD graphic cards, fix inside :: PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019 General Discussions


Please Konami fix full screen lag !!! :: PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2019 General Discussions

The framerate will get stuck at 25fps when you play it in fullscreen mode. If you turn it to windowed mode it runs at 60fps. There is still no real solution to this for AMD cards like the HD 7870 and equivalent cards. I would like to buy the game but not with a bug like this. It would be great if AMD could find and resolve this bug in the driver.


The same bug was also reported for Pro Evo 18 here on this forum couple of months ago, but there was no real solution to this other than a really weird workaround (last posts), or to revert back to driver version 17.


Hopefully AMD will not overlook this bug again, since there has nothing been done for Pro Evo 18.