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Ryzen Master after downgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 10 ?

Question asked by glenenglish on Aug 17, 2018


After the Windows 10 Creator upgrade in May prevented some of my professional applications from working, I had no other choice but to downgrade to Windows 8.1.


I downgraded and re installed everything , a painful event.....


Now, Ryzen Master says Windows 10 only.  When I built this machine in windows 10 it was OK, until one of the forced MS upgrades,


What is the story here, and what are the limitations I face ? Is this a show stopper for effective Ryzen performance on Windows ?


I have a Ryzen 1700X on this Windows 8.1 machine and a threadripper 1950 on a Linux crunching box


I'm  a programmer / hardware engineer. Microsoft have really ticked me off this time with their new upgrade and update policies ... and there was no choice for rolling back the MS update...


with thanks