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2700X random freeze

Question asked by lilith5th on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by h0tr0d

Hi, I have had a ryzen 2700x since the release day, and there has been a stutter problem with the CPU, that requires complete restart for it to unlock.

it usually happens when CPU utilization jumps from idle, to full load... - the screen freezes, with all commands not functioning (num lock doesnt work either). So far I've waited upto a minute, and it still wouldnt "unlock".

I tried finding a solution on reddit, and someone suggested changing the power mode in bios to "classic" or something along those lines, but it didnt help much. So here I am trying to find a solution.

I tried stress testing ram and gpu but none of them show any problems.

also, its not overheating... the temps are in 40-60 range. - no overclock.


The error happens on most CPU intensive apps, but for me most common is in 3DS max. Happens at least once every 4-6 hours of normal work load.

Also, the software is not to blame, since works on all other computers I've worked with.


my setup is



gigabyte 470x aorus gaming 7

16gb of 3000 ram (g skill)

titan X (pascal)

750 watt corsair PSU.