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High performance mode problem !!!

Question asked by ziadtarek on Aug 15, 2018
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i have a problem with my laptop that games work perfect with power saving while opening games in high performance it crashes and couldn't open it any more and sometimes it makes blue screen ...........

- i tried clean the driver and reinstall it again

- tried to reinstall intel driver

- tried to reset my pc

and nothing helps

the versions of drivers i used are 16.2.1 beta , 15.7.1 , and also that comes from hp for my laptop

my laptop :

HP pavilion g6-2332se

Processor :Core i5 3rd generation

Ram : 8GB

OS : Windows 10 64bit

GPU 1 : Intel hd 4000

GPU 2 : AMD radeon hd 7670

i saw that people fixed by using the adrenaline 18.2.1 i think and people solved it by removing D3D gear ( i don't have it ) ............ So is there is a solution for my problem ?