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i can't install AMD radeon R9 M265x driver

Question asked by dir3tech on Aug 16, 2018
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i just got this new laptop its about 1 week ago : toshiba satellite p50 b115

its Have AMD radeon R9 M265X and intel HD 4600

the pc was windows 10 pro and the driver was installed and working fine everything was fine i even played Metal Gear V without any isuss

the problem start yesterday i run my pc normal like everyday after 5 or 10 min the Pc Screen Freezes. i couldn't move mouse or anything so i turned off the pc from power button and after that it works fine Until i plug the pc with the charger it frerzes again so i turned off the pc from power button again and i couldn't boot anymore i got blue screen error with some numbers so i forced to format everything

and it works again good after i installed all the drivers till AMD driver the whole pc frerzes again when install it. i tried to do it from Autodetect driver + device manager + full driver + from windows update + driver booster

its all same problem

i even format the pc to windows 7 but the pc got black screen this time and nothing happen after that . i tried also DDU

nothing work. please guys if anyone can help me i would be gratfull because its not really fair that this pc its new and i got problem from the first time and i got this pc just because the graphique card i can't do anything with intel 4600 alone