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    amd firepro w4300 low profile slot mounts


      I have 2 AMD FirePro W4300 cards and they are set for full height slots.  My system takes low profile cards only.  I do not have the low profile slot blanks.  Any body know where I can get two low profile slot brackets?  Its killing me that they are just sitting here!  Any help would be Greatly appreciated.



      Paul C

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          If your system only takes Low Profile GPU cards how are the Full height GPU cards going to fit in your casing?


          need the computer specs of your computer setup.


          I don't know how well this will work but it mentions it is made for low profile cases. It is an extender Riser show here at Amazon: Amazon.com: EZDIY-FAB NEW PCI Express PCIe3.0 16x Flexible Cable Card Extension Port Adapter High Speed Riser Card (25cm…


          Product Description from Amazon:


          This riser cable length is about 9cm, Please check the length is enough to fit your devices before purchasing.


          This PCI Express riser/extender can be used to mount a PCI Express x16 card in a wide variety of situations. It is especially suitable for custom enclosures and low-profile rack-mount chassis. This riser card faces away from the mainboard; however, since it is flexible, it can be redirected. Please ensure that PCI cards are securely mounted in an EMI safe location, and that no shorts have occurred due to poor PCI card placement.





          *4 layer PCB board design with high speed cable

          *1 slot PCI Express X16 Riser Card for 1U,2U,3U IPC chassis

          *High speed foilded cable will Prevent electromagnetic interference

          *Golden plated contacts for best connectivity and long life *More high-quality transmission stability


          With this extender you might be able to install your full height GPU card (at least one) inside your case if you are able to find a way to properly secure the GPU card.


          Don't know if above will work or not. Need to research on it.

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            Thanks for the reply Elstaci.  I did found some on ebay.  These will work on my cards.  The cards are low profile but they have the high profile brackets on them.  Here is the link for the low profile brackets in case anyone else needs some.  These work on multiple card types.

            Low Profile Bracket for NVIDIA QUADRO K1200 NVS 510 Video Graphics Card | eBay

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                I did see those types of brackets at Amazon.com but wasn't sure if that was exactly what you needed. I figured if your cards were full height the half height brackets wouldn't line up on the cards. So I didn't mention it.


                That was the reason why I mentioned about the Risers thinking your cards were Full height.


                Anyway, Sorry I misread your post and gave you the wrong advice. Glad you were able to find what you needed. Ebay is a good place to purchases those types of accessories.

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                Hi Paul   

                Did those brackets really work?

                I have tried using other nVidia brackets on my XW4100 which did not work, the fitted only ALMOST.


                If you still are in need we can switch, I need two high profile brackets and I have two low-profile ones.