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Computer Crashes while using Fuse CC Beta or Photoshop

Question asked by johnnyboi420 on Aug 16, 2018
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I have been having this issue since late February when I had bought a 2200g to upgrade from my FX 8350, and ever since I have my computer crashes whenever I use either Fuse CC Beta or Photoshop, the CPU is not overclocked and is set to the base clock, the APU isnt being used as I am using a 1050 in my system.


What I have done to try and fix:


Changed Power Supply from 500w to 750w - didnt fix

Purchased a 1050 - didnt fix

Reset the BIOS - didnt fix


If you want specs:

ASRock Gaming Fatal1ty X X370

8GB Kingston Hyper Fury X

Galax GTX 1050

Ryzen 3 2200g


I have a fear it might be the CPU, I wouldnt want to go and buy a new CPU or mess around with my PC hardware, can someone help me fix?