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How to build a PC in Egypt and the components of the Case price? By the way lower price for both AMD processor and MB as well like from 109$ to 159$ each

Question asked by coolguy2879 on Aug 15, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by pokester

OK! I have an old Pentium Dual Core E5700 @ 3.00 GHZ Family for sure 6 and Socket 775 LGA , L1 cache 2*32 KBytes . It is a Wolfdale 45nm Technology the CPU from Intel in the year of 2011. OK I have a RAM 8G Dual channel DDR3@399MHZ, Motherboard is ASUSTek computer INC ,P5G41C-M LX (LGA775). OK! Now wil say these things. I work the latest version of W10 Pro and just found out that if i try doing the simple card game it crashes and Photoshop CS5 or later one can't work with all of it on it. I searched if i can do more as to have Core 2 dual or Quad or Extreme to install and found out i can't as it will be a used one for the period that i spend until upgrading my Case. Now i want to have a new Case,if it can support DDR3 as you notice i have 8G of Ram and wish to use right now. I wish if i can do the AMD processor with a motherboard that cash in each not more than 109$ to 159$ for processor and MB and other things like the Case and HDD ,SD or other cards will sniff around to see what i will put. I know any Motherboard with high tech Card on will be expensive so that is why i said the amount that i can use for this PC. I wish that in like two years i can upgrade the components of the MB so that is it. August 2018, good price MB and CPU and other components if you have good idea about some. I want to use AMD for knowing it is cheap but efficient and reliable than Intel right now for my pocket . Thanks for anyone who will read or write back.