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    everything freezes like it skips


      mouse pointer and (everything) freezes as you move across the screen, or as i am typing this! after about 3 letters it freezes and then back fills the letters.  had 18.5, just upgraded to 18.8 .  18.7 was the same way seems y'all still havent fixed it.  and i said this last month too.  guess i am going back to 18.5

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          After upgrading from version 18.3.1, which worked properly, the mouse on the desktop, or in applications, stops as you go along.

          Changing the mouse settings to show the pointer trail seems to work, but when you try Battlefield Hardline the graphics give you flips, just like the mouse did.

          Playing videos also makes stops.

          I tried to restore the system to a previous point, but it doesn't restore the Radeon driver. I also couldn't find the previous driver to download it.

          With 18.5 also fails me.


          RX480 Adrenalin 18.8.1

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            Hi I am sorry about this problem and yes there are ongoing mouse issues. It is due to AMD updating the drivers to be compliant with the new Windows standards. Somehow I believe when they did this they buggered something up. However this standards update requires the mouse drivers to be updated as well. Many that had driver updates available found that updating the drivers if available fixed the issue. Other found by uninstalling the mouse driver and just using the Windows driver fixed the issue. Others find that enabling mouse trails in existing driver helps the issue.


            These forums however are all AMD users like you. We are not AMD employees. So we all don't fix anything, and can only offer some tips to hopefully help. You need to submit and issue report to let AMD know about your problem. You can find the link in Radeon Settings.

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              A workaround is :

              Open AMD Radeon Settings

              Open the Display tab and select the affected display

              Click on Specs

              Click on Override

              Disable “HDCP Support

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