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    HLSL Spin in GPU


          Bitonic sort is a fast way to arange array in GPU. ShareMemory is benefit for small array to provide a synchronization,But there is no way to make a synchronization under different thread group.I have tried to do a spin in thread to wait for data has been processed.But I got result fiiled with zero.I guess it  can't be supported in GPU.Here is a part code.

      void CompareAndExchange(uint fence, uint Top, uint Bottom)


      while (true)


                //wait for flag has been add 1

                  if (Atomic[Top] == fence && Atomic[Bottom] == fence)



      if (SortArray[Top]>SortArray[Bottom] && Bottom<ArraySize)


        uint Temp = SortArray[Top];

        SortArray[Top] = SortArray[Bottom];

        SortArray[Bottom] = Temp;


      //add 1 for next other thread