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Is Adrenaline 18.8.1 supposed to work with Razer Core V2?

Question asked by veri on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2018 by veri

Hi, so I have a RX 570 in a Razer Core V2 external enclosure connected to my Razer Blade laptop that was functioning perfectly well with Radeon driver 18.5.1.


When I installed Adrenaline18.8.1, the system was no longer able to recognize the external GPU - the monitors connected to it turned off, and the Radeon control panel reported that it could not find the graphics adapter.


When I re-installed Radeon driver 18.5.1, my external GPU started working again.  I can also confirm that an intermediate version of the drivers (perhaps18.7.1?) was also functioning with the GPU, but it stops working completely with 18.1.1 (perhaps that's why it wasn't the recommended driver version.)


Is this just a regression in Adrenaline 18.8.1?