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Looking for people here with Ryzen 5 1600 cpu request!SOS.

Question asked by x58 on Aug 13, 2018

I'm trying to understand if my cpu is defective  cause of high latency present on the software provided by resplendance company which is Latency Moon, the second software In depth test Latency, Just wanted to be sure if its normal on first ryzen generation cpus such ryzen 5 1600, or if my cpu is damaged or came defective?


All i need is that community here do some test by using latency moon, the In Depth Test Latency, just ran the test 30 seconds without running background programs, to see if it normal
I'm attaching here a picture of my cpu 5 1600, using ryzen power balanced plan, latest bios 5.00 motherboard b350 fatality k4 gaming, 0 background
Tried load default bios settings, tried disabling SMT, enabling, disabling hpet via windows, bios, tried different audio drivers, tried latest bios chipset.. and problem persist.
Also my gaming performance is not that good. thanks for the support.