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xplane 11 and RX580

Question asked by juanacastillo on Aug 13, 2018



Using X-plane 11 for more than a year now, I update frequently the drivers of an RX580 of 8Gb but I never get a good rate of FPS, attached settings


It is commented by the forums that AMD OpenGL drivers are not good and therefore the result is poor despite having a graphic face


I do not know what the problem is between application and graphics, but I do know that other users with similar graphics from another manufacturer get much better results.


I pass a link to a video that I made with the GeeXlab tool in which the graph is at 0% of work and at other times 100%, is something that I do not understand very well, gives the feeling that stops for some reason.


I admit that I do not have a very powerful processor, i7 2600 3.4 Ghz, but this is never saturated


Can you help us find the problem?


Thank you