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1950x Boost Clock / XFR

Question asked by jamaica on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by misterj

Hi, firstly sorry for my bad english but i will try my best,,,

i build my new pc last week ago and i have absolutely no experience with overclocking,

this is my pc specs & benchmark test

+ arctic freezer 33 air cooler


I've noted when i use auto oc mode/xfr in bios that set my Memory to stander 2133Mhz why ? i know i can set it manually but why i got 2133mhz by using auto mode ?

and i noted CPU Vcore voltage ! going high 1.400v+ !!! and the cpu temp just fine.... how ?






I tried to overclock manually 3.8Ghz/1.23125



but the cpu teno goes +70C if i run CINEBENCH several times in a row.... i think this temp will kill my cpu Screenshot_3.png







auto oc mode = good temp but high Vcore voltage +1.400v

manual oc = good voltage but high temp


I'm 3d designer

please can you give me advice,,, what's the best OC setting for my pc to use it daily as 3D workstation/ render machine ?
i don't care to get high clock speed,,, just looking for Good & Safe clock speed for 3D render for daily use...