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Radeon installer runs in the background, application window isn't coming up.

Question asked by tasadar101 on Aug 13, 2018

  Hello, I'm Taz.

   Recently I've been trying to install the latest driver 18.8.1 for my Rx 580. However, after downloading the installer and letting the files go into its folder. The actual install that normally would come after simply runs in the background.amd issues.PNG


    I'd like to install the latest driver but even after restarting my computer, this issue persists. I don't get a window, I merely get a background process and nothing else happens. It's quite frustrating when these problems happen because I've no clue how to fix it.


   To reiterate once more, I've downloaded the 18.8.1 driver to install, the files extracted into their C drive folders as usual but nothing else happens after aside from an annoying background process that leads nowhere.