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Simple Transparent Cube Bugs - RPR1.7

Question asked by gelert on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2018 by gelert

Plane: Uber Coating set to reflect the cubes above

Cube 1: Uber shader with Transparency = 1

Cube 2: Simple Diffuse cube

Cube 3: Simple Diffuse cube with RPR Settings Casts Shadows + Camera Visibility turned off.

Cube 4: Same as Cube 3 only with another Sphere object dissecting the Cube - showing the "darkening effect" of the supposedly invisible cube.



Cube 1: Cuts a hole in the plane displaying the background colour of the scene. It should not do this.

Cube 2: Correct

Cube 3: Should not display a reflection or cast a shadow.

Cube 4: As Cube 3 but it is also darkening the sphere as if it is casting a shadow.


All of these issues above also exist on any Simulation Domain box.