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Question asked by mrcoldhollow on Aug 13, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2018 by wimpzilla

I have an MSI x370 Carbon Pro motherboard running windows 10 with an AMD Ryzen 1700x CPU an AMD Radeon 390x 8gb GPU. I run 16gb of Corsair ram at 3000mhz and no OC settings (but my issues does happen when I OC, so I don't think its linked to the actual OC settings.)


When I attempt to play PUBG I crash on the start, I was having this issue for months and finally found a temporary solution. I have to go into the task manager and set the CPU affinity to only 2 cores. The game then loads past the splash screen and I can reset the CPU to use all Cores. The game will then crash when I finish a game (almost never crashes while playing) unless I go back into the task manager and lower the affinity again before clicking return to the menu. This is extremely annoying and I have tried BIOS updates, driver updates, and OCing vs no OCing. Reinstalled the game on 3 different SSD's, the only thing that gets around it is the CPU affinity so that leads me to think it has something to do with AMD CPU's? It doesn't do it on my Asus Rox Strix Laptop. I have ReLive turned off, and that is more of a CPU think anyway, any help or ideas would greatly be appreciated. I do plan on upgrading the GPU soon, but again I don't think my issue is with anything but the CPU. A lemon perhaps?