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    Ryzen 1800x freezing


      Hi guys,


      Here are my setup

      Ryzen 1800x

      Motherboard gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming-rev-1x

      2x 8gb hyperX fury 2400mhz

      Nvidia gtx 1080

      Evga 750watts


      My computer is freezing every time, almost these freezing occurs when I'm doing something on google chrome (while I'm writing this post my computer have freeze 2 times )


      I already did what everyone says to change the electric power consumption.


      I've attached a screenshot from my temperatures.


      Has someone that can help me on this ? will be great



        • Re: Ryzen 1800x freezing


          tibiano1j, your temperatures look fine.  Ryzen Master is the reference for temperatures.  Always use it to verify any other applications.  Above is the Specifications for your processor.  I had a similar problem on my 1800X and it turned out to be bad memory slots that required an RMA.  Please plug one stick into A1 and run awhile.  Move it to A2, B1, then B2.  If no failures try the other stick.  Hopefully this will identify a bad stick or a bad slot.  Then you either RMA the memory or the board.  Please let us hear how it comes out.  Hope it helps, enjoy, John.