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Amd fury no signal, black screen crash

Question asked by sayasaya156 on Aug 10, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by sayasaya156

Driver doesnt recover, i can still hear the music and windows in the background, only way to fix this is to reset my pc.

I've already had problems with fury, it died completely 2 months after buying it, and this is a new one i've gotten.

I've already tried reinstalling the drivers, clean install, old drivers, new drivers, last stable drivers for me, but no luck there.

It crashes during heavy to low gpu usage, it even crashed during simply using youtube.

The card is completely unusable for me.


My system is

Corsair 8GB 2666MHz CL16 Vengeance LPX
MSI Z170-A Pro /intel Z170, DDR4, LGA1151/
Intel Core i5-6600K /3.5GHz, 6MB, LGA 1151, BOX/
XFX TS 650W 120mm Gold


I had 2 displays plugged in, 1 144hz dvi dual link, the other one hdmi port.


I've been using igpu for some time now, and there's no problems whatsoever.

This is really frustrating, the card is about 15 months old now, i've never had luck with amd cards i've had like 5 new amd cards from rma in a span of 8 years, only defect free card was 7870 (3 years heavy used, still worked when i sold it).

I'm really sick wasting so much of my time doing rma