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hi! I am trying to stretch a video across 6 screens total, 3 on each side. I need it to play on both the left and right side. The screens are now out of order and I am not sure how to clone one side (3 monitors) to match the other 3.

Question asked by samalott on Aug 10, 2018
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I have a room that has 3 screens on one wall, and 3 screens on another. I have a video that I need to play on both sides, stretched across 3 screens on each side.


The video is the same for both sides. The intention is to make it seem as if you are moving in a car and the videos are of different places.


For some reason, the monitors keep switching up or changing out of order. I am able to clone them, but this plays the same video and image on every screen.


Any ideas of how to stretch this video across 3 screens on both sides?


Any help is greatly appreciated! I can send images if needed.