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    memory compatibility with ryzen

      Ive already got 2 memo DD4 Kingston (KVR21N15D8/8), eand i wish they are compatible with Ryzen

      I looked on internet but didnt a answer
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          fuchs171, please go to the Kingston Memory web site and search your memory part number.  It will tell you all the systems they will work with.  It does work with some Ryzen systems.  Enjoy, John.

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            To find out what Motherboard your RAM is compatible with you first must choose a Motherboard.


            Then either go to the Motherboard Manufacturer's Support site and look at the QVL List for the type of Ryzen you will be using or go to Kingston Memory Finder and select the Motherboard you are interested in purchasing and see what RAM Memory is compatible with that Motherboard according to Kingston Support.