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    Monster Hunter Worlds D3D issues


      Is anyone else running the RX570 and getting issues with running the game? My gf's crashes during the first cutscenes with a d3d error - dxgi_error_device_removed error forcing the game to close. As your character works down the stairs in the ship - *poof* - crash.

      The drivers are updated to the lastest ones, and I know 100% it's the graphics card as i still have my old 780gtx as i just upgraded, so after trying all the usual gaming tricks like windowed, lowering graphics to low etc etc I just swapped it out and it works fine.

      I've googled away a few times but i don't seem to be getting much more than a steam post saying some AMD CPU & GPU issues devs are aware of and will patch. But it's quite a common card and i figured i'd find something more specific by now so I'm not constantly thinking there's a simple solution, obviously the RX570 is a better card than the 780gtx.

      Appreciate any help

      Should mention she's played plenty of games, most up-to date/recent was Assassin Creed Origins and never had the issue, which I why I'm attributing it to MH:W.