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    AMD A12-9720P clocks up to 5.1GHz???


      Hi guys, I was randomly checking my cpu performance in the Task Manager and I saw my a12-9720p 2.7-3.6ghz cpu going up to 5,1ghz for a moment which is causing 5 to 10 degrees C spikes for a moment.

      Used the "Core Temp" to check the temps and FHz again -..-

      The task manager was the only thing running atm. What can i do? And is anyone else having this ,,issue,, ?


      Laptop specs ( following the forum rule)-

      - AMD 530 2gb / shows 535dx or r7 m340 depending on driver.........

      - HP 15 bw-020-nm

      - Windows 10 64bit / updated

      - Stable only on 18.2.1, Radeon settings not working on any other, crashing on some drivers with "atykmpag.sys video.tdr failure".

      - ,,Regular shi"y " display... 1920x1080 60hz TN

      -  mobo: HP 8333 28.33 BIOS: Insyde f.30

      - APU as mentioned above in description A12-9720p

      - 15w apu and 50w gpu, laptop came with a 65w ( i think) power brick.

      - 8gb of ddr4 1866MHz