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Poor performance with Vega in No man's sky and A Hat in time. Specific issue that effects only these two games.

Question asked by clarkskull on Aug 8, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2019 by drfloflo

Hi all,


As title states, in both these games I (and a lot of other people) are experiencing terrible performance but this seems to be tied to some weird issue effecting only Vega cards. At certain points in game play, the cards power draw drops significantly from say between 160-200 watts (I have an undervolt on mine) to between 50-80 watts and getting massive stuttering and low gpu usage, along with low fps.


This is even on the lowest possible settings in game, with V Sync off etc


This is with a wide range of processors from both AMD and Intel, so this does look to be a Vega issue. I have tried many other games uncapped and benchmark suites to ensure that this doesn't happen and it doesn't. I can peg the gpu at 99% usage all the time with the correct power draw and no issues whatsoever.


Anyone else have these issues or suggest what to try? The evidence looks to point towards Vega being the culprit though.


My Specs :


Ryzen 1700X

Vega 56 flashed to 64    

16GB ram at 3066 mhrz

X370 Taichi

Corsair AX 860i PSU