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Will this work with my RX-480?

Question asked by wawacoffee on Aug 8, 2018

Hi all, I'm hoping to receive some input (no pun intended) on a question I have. I'm currently using a PowerColor RX-480 (reference design) with the following configuration:


1x HDMI output on the RX-480 is connected to PC monitor 1 via HDMI cable.

1x DisplayPort output on the RX-480 is connected to PC monitor 2 via a passive, DisplayPort to HDMI cable.


I would like to add a third PC monitor to the mix, but sadly, it only has HDMI. Therefore, I purchased an Active DisplayPort to HDMI adapter on Amazon (I would link to it, but I'm not sure if it would break any rules on this site) to plug into one of the available DisplayPorts on my RX-480.


From the research I have done, the RX-480 is limited to two passive connections, but I can't find this information anywhere on the AMD website. Will this configuration work? Thank you to all who reply.