Wouldn't a Zen 2 give away be cool.

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Now this is more of a marketing stunt rather than just a give away to sink Intel's 9th gen CPUs, we know AMD will have Epyc CPUs based on Zen 2 ready to go in Q4 2018 and the dies used for Epyc CPUs are the same dies used in the Ryzen mainstream parts. So they will have the dies, but they wont have the volume to do a proper launch also yield would probably not be great.


If it were me, I would do a publicity stunt. Give away 1000 Zen 2 mainstream CPUs early along with giving a few CPUs to select Tech Tubers and Tech Bloggers to do a preview with a few tests along with technical information. Also let them run any other tests they want; they however are not allowed to share the results of the other tests, but give a general idea if the results of the tests they are allowed to share are representative in October when is when Intel's 9th gen will be launching.


And do it under the guise of a K7 20th Anniversary Edition, so do the press in October, start the draw in November, end the draw in December, send them out in January. That would give them 4 months to get a BOIS working properly on a board and source the 1000 CPUs I personally would go nuts over this what do you guys think. If it's is possible do you think it's a good idea?

If they did it latter they should sell another 6000 limited edition CPUs to make it upto 7000 total, but on the proper launch date, or they could originally do 777 CPUs


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