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    I need to disable turbo on my laptop but AMD Overdrive wont detect my cpu


      On my old laptop which had a FX 7500 laptop chip it could detect it in AMD Overdrive and I could disable turbo boost (but not overclock it) But with my new laptop  CPU: FX 9830p It cant detect it so I am unable to disable turbo the bios doesn't even have anything I need help cause my CPU overheats and then downclocks it self below 2ghz I even have a external laptop fan attached to my exhaust for my laptop fan I leave it at 4800 rpm and my CPU still gets hot.




      FX 9830p 3ghz Base Clock 3.7Ghz BoostIntegrated GPU AMD R7 8 CU 900Mhz
      2nd GPU AMD RX 460

      Brand ASUS

      8GB Ram
      1TB HDD

      1080P Display