AMD rx 480 stopped working after update

Discussion created by imacanucktwo on Aug 7, 2018

SOOO I thought I'd contribute a little and hopefully help anyone with similar issues.


Per AMD's recommendation, I updated AMD's software (catalyst I believe it is called) last night and all of a sudden my RX 480 gpu wouldn't work. It stated it was corrupted or whatnot according to device manager/windows (code 52) and AMD's software (after update) stated I didn't even have an amd gpu… I noticed windows 10 could use an update too, however, nothing changed/was fixed after windows update.

I reverted my pc back to before the updates and still nothing changed - device manager states RX 480 corrupted, AMD catalyst states I don't even have an amd gpu...

Well I heard of others online reinstalling windows to resolve - what I did was uninstall the drivers for my gpu, clean my pc (it was dusty), and unplug then re-plugin my rx 480 gpu. Well windows recognized a new device/gpu/whatnot, updated the drivers pretty much automatically and viola, device manager/windows states the gpu is up and working fine. AMD Catalyst stated I still don't have an AMD GPU! I uninstalled all amd software (save the simple drivers) and my pc is fine now. The GPU is working perfectly. I have no idea the actual cause but thought I'd contribute here. It all started with an update to AMD's software so I figured I would share.