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    Raven Ridge 2500u driver Support



      I recently purchased an HP 17-ca0992nd notebook. It comes with a lovely Ryzen 2500u processor with integrated Vega 8 graphics.

      I noticed that HP provides a rather old 17.7 driver package for the GPU, this version is over a year old. Can't seem to find more recent drivers on the AMD website.


      The desktop Raven Ridge processors recently got access to recent Adrenalin drivers. Unfortunately not so for the mobile of Raven Ridge processors.


      Are the mobile Raven Ridge parts still supported by AMD, and if so, what is AMD's policy on future updates?


      Thanks for the info!

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          Dang, I have the same process on brand new Dell Inspiron 7000, but no updated driver insight. I should have done more research before purchasing.

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            You have to wait I hope that they will support mobile Ryzen apu soon

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              It is possible to install adrenaline drivers with the 2500U. I know because I've done it on my Dell Inspiron 5000. It's a complicated and fiddly procedure though. I used adrenaline 18.5.1 because it's the most stable for me. First of all I uninstalled with DDU in safe mode. Then I installed the driver from the Dell website (do the express install). This is necessary to get the adrenaline driver installer to run - otherwise you'll get an unknown hardware error. Then you run the adrenaline installer (express install again). After that, open device manager and manually install the video driver (there are you tube tutorials on how to do this). Then search the AMD folder on your C drive and run amddvr64.exe. If you don't want ReLive you can skip this step. Finally restart the computer. It doesn't always work first time and if it doesn't you'll have to do the whole procedure again (remember I said it was fiddly).

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                  Yes I’ve read similar methods over at the HP forums. Unfortunately BSOD’s and program crashes have been reported using this method to install newer drivers. In my opinion AMD should support this product, and deliver updates every quarter, like the desktop parts.

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                    Hi s_mcduck.


                    I tried the steps above but when I get to opening the Radeon Settings - an error message pops up saying I need to match both the radeon settings and the version(s) installed. I then read somewhere online that the Registry key needs to be updated to blank for the Driver version. I did that and it did open Radeon Settings however it still remains at 17.7.


                    Please advise on how to proceed. Also, do you have an issue with FPS when playing low-end games on your Dell laptop.

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                        Have you tried with version 18.9.2? They seem to have fixed the driver and settings do not match bug. I was able to update from 18.5.1 by just installing the driver through device manager. Also, disconnect your laptop from the internet while you do the procedure to stop windows update from slipping in its own driver in while you are working. I forgot to mention that in my description. 


                        As far as gaming goes, I have been able to get frame rates in the 40s with Battlefield I at the low setting and 80s-90s in Sims 4 in high setting. My figures for cinebench R15 are 136 (single core) 601 (multicore) and 38fps (open gl).

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                            Hi mcduck


                            i haven’t tried installing 18.9.2. i will download that tonight. but Just so that i am following the instructIon:

                            1. run DDU under safe mode

                            2. Disconnect from internet

                            3. Install Dells VGA driver package - express install

                            4. Install Adrenalin 18.9.2 package - express install

                            5. Reconnect internet


                            i Will report back the results unless there is something that I am missing. Also for the dell I am constantly getting GPU throttling that playing a game it starts off at 60 FPS per second and theN it drops to 20 FPS after 5 minutes. diD you do any other adjustments to power management or Bios settings for this laptop or was it just the graphic card update?

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                                There's a 4.5. You have to manually install the 18.9.2 video driver through device manager. It's best to look up how to do this on YouTube because it's a bit complicated to explain. The AMD installer won't install the video driver because it's not specifically for your GPU so you have to force it to install. Oh, and if you get flickering, turn off vari-bright and restart your computer.


                                With the power options, I had to go into settings and create a new plan. I selected the option to create a high performance plan, then maxed everything out. Doing that raised my multicore cinebench score from 330 to 601. I haven't done a lot of gaming on this laptop because I built myself a desktop this spring with a Ryzen 2700x and RX 580. Maybe I can do some testing soon. I have a lot of hospital appointments at the moment (young people's cataracts)

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                          Got a response from AMD:

                          Your service request : SR #{ticketno:[8200828765]} has been reviewed and updated.

                          Response and Service Request History:


                          Thank you for your email


                          I understand you are having query regarding the driver update for ryzen 2500u processor with the vega graphics.


                          At this point of time the graphic drivers are provided from the manufacture only, there is no driver support from AMD.


                          Thanks for contacting AMD


                          In order to update this service request, please respond, leaving the service request reference intact.

                          Best regards,


                          AMD Global Customer Care”


                          Guess this was my last AMD product, going back to Intel / nVidia. At least you get support from them.

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                            Hello everybody,

                            I get it, it's OEM's fault ...


                            So my question is the following: I'm having a laptop at work with an Intel cpu and a NVidia GTX gpu. Every about 2 months, I have new drivers for GTX 1050 M, not from Dell but from NVidia. I also get updates on all Intel performance libraries and optimized image processing for Intel cpu not from Dell but from Intel, and last but not least I also got benefits of OpenVIMO the new full dev-kit for computer vision .. and all that coming from Intel and not Dell.


                            So, if it's OEM's fault, how does it come that Intel and NVidia are updating their drivers and tools on laptops ?

                            It's been 1 year now that I bought my Ryzen 2500U laptop, putting high hope in this new APU generation ... now I'm feeling guilty each time I see a last generation Intel+NVidia laptop wondering if I did the right choice.


                            Concerning HP repackaging of Adrenalin, they are waiting on their side for support of Ryzen 2500U in Adrenalin, which I confirm is not supported the last versions.

                            I still do not understand why recent Adrenalin does not support Vega M gpu ... is it an abandoned chipset already?


                            A high perf hardware without firmware / driver / toolkit available is like a high perf plane with no pilot ... it doesn't go very far.


                            Christophe K.