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Keep getting atikmpag.sys BSOD during driver installation

Question asked by anivaries on Aug 6, 2018

Hey guys! I really need help with this. I have this issue since a few days ago.Been using my laptop without any issues up to 2 days ago  but when i turned on my laptop 2 days ago i got welcomed by atikmpag.sys BSOD right after windows logo.

I deleted all AMD related stuff and my laptop is working normal with microsoft basic display adapter ( i don't get any bsod ), but as soon as i start installing some AMD drivers laptop gets bsod. I tried 3 different driver versions and it got bsod every single time.

So basically every time i try to install video drivers, during installation i get BSOD as soon as atikmpag.sys gets installed. But right before that my monitor goes black, i hear that unplugging and plugging back in sound from usb, and then everything's back to normal. That happens twice in like 10 seconds and then i get BSOD. Then i go through safe mode and delete all installed stuff with amdcleanuputility and then i can use my laptop again with microsoft's basic display adapter.

Is there any way i can at least get somewhat bigger resolution from this microsoft's adapter, or does anyone have any idea how can i get AMD video driver's installed?

I reinstalled windows twice, tried 3 different versions of AMD drivers, ran sfc scan, not sure what else i tried but im open for any suggestions. Im using Samsung's laptop, AMD-A6 3420 APU, 4GB ram. Windows 8.1 x64. I don't use it for gaming, i use it for school stuff and watch movies / videos every now and again. Can't really afford to replace it right now. So i'd rather hear ideas if it's possible to fix it. I reckon if it's not software, it must be motherboard issue, but i gotta hope it's non-hardware problem.