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    STALKER: Clear Sky crashes on start


      I have trouble with my brand new RX 580, that I recieved and installed today. I also downloaded STALKER: CS anew from Steam. At first I run the game and set the resolution and all graphic settings to maximum, including DX10.1 mode. After that I exit and restart the game. I see a black screen first, then the game appears minimized.  I switch to it and GSC intro begins to play, but just for a second. Then the game crashes (xrengine stopped working). If I manage to skip the Intro, the game crashes in the main menu. This way I can't play with the settings to see what exactly causes the crash, because like I wrote,  can't get to the menu

      My specs:

      Intel Core i7-4770k with Thermalright True Spirit 140,

      ASRock Z87 Extreme 4 Mobo,

      4x4 GB TeamGroup DDR3-2133,

      XFX Radeon RX 580 8 GB GTS Black Edition,

      2xSamsung 840 Pro 256 GB in RAID 0,

      WD Caviar Black 1TB SATA 3 HDD,

      Windows 7 Ultimate x64,

      LG 23MP68VQ FullHD monitor

      Driver: Adrenalin 18.7.1


      The Freesync and Enhanced synchronisation are turned on.

      Thank you

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          I have reinstalled the game. This time I changed settings one  by one and restarted the game after each change.

          1. Changed the resolution to native 1080p
          2. Changed the presets to maximal
          3. Switch on Enhanced full lighting (DX10)

          That's the point the game starts crashing. Looks like aproblem with the DX10 renderer

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              Ok, I found the culprit: MS Windows update KB 2670838, which apparently breaks a lot of games.

              I tried to uninstall it, but it failed to roll back changes to DirectX. So I was forced to reinstall the Windows. This time I hid this update.

              The update would be required for IE 10/11 though, but who uses it anyway.