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Gamma \ Brightness, changing by itself after the update.

Question asked by quiccker on Aug 6, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2018 by kingfish

Some time ago I suffered with the same annoying problem, after updating the driver, the screen gets clearer for no reason after removing the HDMI cable and putting it back, the gamma and the brightness back to normal but after playing a game a screen is clear again.

For about 2 months I did not abandon the driver 18.3.2, this driver does not present this ridiculous change of gamma and brightness of the screen, but yesterday I decided to update to the driver 18.7.1 to see if the problem was corrected and mine board stay updated with updates. What happened ?

I came across again with the same problem of gamma and brightness change for no reason at all. I wanted to know if there is an explanation and a correction for this in this Universe. If there is not, I'll stick with 18.3.2 and if I do not change in any other driver, I'll have to leave AMD after 11 years of use and go back to NVIDIA.

Because I will say with all sincerity, gamma and brightness change after the update for no reason and I want to play a game but the game totally clear and ugly color is getting on my nerves.