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Installing latest drivers crashed, uninstall failed, Radeon no longer recognized

Question asked by merrill77 on Aug 5, 2018

Dell Latitude e6540 with Radeon 8790M. Windows 10, 64bit.


I was on version 8.something of the drivers, I think, didn't write it down . I had never upgraded them since I bought the computer. Everything was working fine. Today I went to the site to get latest drivers and it told me to download radeon-software-adrenalin-18.7.1-minimalsetup-180719_web.exe   I ran that and the update crashed. I tried uninstalling and that reported a partial uninstall. The Catalyst Control Center software is gone now, too. The Task Manager no longer shows the Radeon as GPU 1 - it is gone. Only the Intel HD graphics on GPU 0. A number of other program are now failing to start as well.


I'd like to be up to date, but if that is not possible, can you help me, at least, get back to the drivers that were shipped on this laptop?