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Have anyone had audio and directx(driver)  problems after latest windows 10 home update? 18.5 for sapphire vega 64 lc.

Question asked by jay1131 on Aug 5, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2018 by jay1131

My desktop was working perfectly fine and i stayed on 18.5 for a long time then out of nowhere i would get flashes while playing ffxiv then no audio, sometimes it would recover and sometimes game would crash hard. If i use directx 11 it would crash hard and give directx error so i use directx9.c. i have to completely restart to get audio back because it bothers me. Had to use my headset to not crash few minutes later but eventually would.Things that i tried was 18.2 drivers, back to 18.5, now 18.7  with clean install. i would troubleshoot and uninstall realtec to use hd audio driver but will happen again hour or two later rather then right away which makes me believe its not power supply, my power supply is 850 watts and never had signs of problems. started messing around and used 3dmark to troubleshoot more. Any slight overclock in radeon setting even +25-50 power slider would hard crash it now. So i just tried presets and if i put it on turbo setting 3dmark crashes but balanced and power saver with hbcc segment on lowest does not but get good results. Never experienced this before and has me stumped. Also my gpu and cpu is always on default settings. My suspect is windows new security updates or possbily a driver. i looked into windows bug/crash report and some recent one was hardware error of course and radeon setting crashes but i looked in advanced report and seen some dll.exe crashes and live kernel events problems that wasnt being reported. i dont have msi update crap on my computer besides gaming app for turning off rgb and msi afterburner but dont use it. Any ideas? Going to try 18.3 drivers and i seen some post about locking the hbm but need help because i cant enjoy my games now.


My system:

Ryzen 7 1700 stock clocks alphacool waterblock 240mm radiator tied into gpu

Msi x370 gaming pro carbon with recent bios 1.g

16gb Corsair vengeance lpx 3000mhz

thermaltake 850w

Sapphire vega 64 blower design with alphacool watercooler kit and lc bios flash up to 1750mhz and 945 memory

LG 32ud59-b on dp