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    GPU+CPU rendering glitch


      when I select both GPU and CPU as render mode, the output is just a glitchy noisy image.

      While on GPU it works fine.


      My set: iMac Pro 14core, Vega 64

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          Hello Fabio,

          I hope You are not give up on ProRender yet. Can I ask you for a favor? I see you have a Vega 64 and just wondering if there is any advantage for me to upgrade to it. Just want to see if there will be considerable difference with my current setup. If I share simple maya scene could you please render it and tell me render time? Will really appreciated.

          Thank you.

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              Hi dude, I have lot of hopes about ProRender mostly because it’s the only gpu rendering available on amd, but unfortunately it’s a bit “young”. Not just because the crash, it lack something for me so important, such as sequences as maps and so on. Anyway on some renders Vega 64 seemed to be really really strong (and I could just try it all alone, without the peering on the CPU cause the issue in subject).

              Sure I can try your scene, also I’m curious to test some settings different than mines. Also keep in touch about any prorender feature and functionality just to have a confront.




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              Re: GPU+CPU rendering glitch

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              Hi Fabio.  This is a known issue we're looking at.   The problem on macOS is the CPU and GPU give slightly different renders, so using both looks weird.