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Does AMD accept Boot-Kit requests from Egypt for the AM4 Raven Ridge BIOS Update?

Question asked by ehabeamonster on Aug 3, 2018

I'm from Egypt, I intend to buy the AMD Ryzen 2200G CPU and build my system with it, however I found that I'll need a Boot Kit to Flash-Update the BIOS.


I'm asking this in the case of the following:
-The Motherboard did not have out-of-the-box support for the CPU.

-The Retailer did not have/could not update the BIOS.

-I have no one nearby, or know anyone who uses AMD AM4 Processors.


I really do need help with this since it would be a waste of a lot of money if I ended up building a system that can't even POST.


I still have approximately 2 months before I could make the purchase, is there a possibility that Raven Ridge (Ryzen 2200+2400) out-of-the-box motherboards be released in Middle East / Egypt during that time?


Thank you in advance.


Edit: Forgot to mention the Motherboard in question:
I have 2 available options:
Gigabyte GA-A320M-DS2 and GA-A320M-HD2 which are available right now.