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    Where can I find a list of games defined by AMD as supported and working properly by Radeon Chill in August 2018?




      Simple question, should be a simple answer.
      Where can I find a list of games defined by AMD  as supported and working properly with  Radeon Chill in August 2018?


      Is Wolfenstein II : The New Colossus on the list of Supported Games?


      The only information I have found so far is as follows:


      (1). From here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ief5jbGB_w&feature=youtu.be&t=689



      (2). From here https://gaming.radeon.com/en/radeonsoftware/adrenalin/chill/ it seems that Chill is supported on "COUNTLESS NUMBER OF GAMES":



      (3). If I watch the above Video I see from here: Radeon™ Software: Taking Radeon™ Chill to the Next Level - YouTube


      You list the following games in the following sequence in that video at a pace that starts off slow and increases at an exponential rate... I guess to indicate that countless games are supported.


      1.   Overwatch.

      2.   Dota 2.
      3.   League of Legends.

      4.   Rocket League.

      5.   Prey.

      6.   Quake Champions.

      7.   Doom.

      8.   Battlefield 1.
      9.  Tom Clancy's The Division.

      10. Civilization 6.
      11. Sniper Elite 4.

      12. For Honor.

      13. World of Tanks.

      14. Watch Dogs 2.
      15. TitanFall 2.

      16. Mass Effect : Andromeda.

      17. Grand Theft Auto V.

      18. Resident Evil Biohazard.

      19. Ark Survival of the Fittest.

      20 Tomb Raider.

      21. Call of Duty :Infinite Warfare.

      22. Hitman.

      23. Total War : Warhammer.

      24. Team Fortress 2.

      25. Counter Strike Global Offensive.

      26. Paragon.
      27. Crossfire.

      28. Fallout 4.

      29. Far Cry Primal

      30. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

      31. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

      32. Warframe.

      33. Dark Souls 3.
      34. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

      35. Far Cry 4.

      36. PlanetSide 2.

      37. World of Warcraft.

      38. Rise of the Tomb Raider.

      40. The Elder Scrolls Skyrim.


      The above list may be wrong, the list in the video runs so fast it is almost subliminal advertising and it is hard to count / see them all.

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          Can someone give me some video evidence of how Radeon Chill works on an RX Vega 64 or RX Vega 56 and show that it meets the following claim on any of the above supported games? - "During peak gameplay, Radeon Chill works to deliver the full framerate potential of Radeon Graphics".


          I take that statement from the following webpage: https://gaming.radeon.com/en/radeonsoftware/adrenalin/chill/




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              As far as I see it, Radeon Chill does not work properly on my R9 FuryX, Fury, Nano, down to R9 280x or HD7970 cards.
              In game keyboard only input FPS is limited to a range of ~ Chill min +15 (if Chill Max = 60)  to  ~ Chill min + 25 FPS (If Chill Max = 300) for all games I tested so far based on the value I set for Chill Max (60-300).


              Plenty of examples here: Could AMD please add Keyboard and Mouse input Weighting sliders for for Chill in Adrenalin Driver?


              I just tested 18.7.1 Drivers Wolfenstein II : The New Colossus - YouTube
              Please see the comments in the video for more information.


              Perhaps it does work on Vega56/Vega64?
              I do not own those cards.
              I have some evidence that Chill behaves on RX Vega exactly the same way as it behaves on R9 Fury X.


              I do not run Chill. I use FRTC so I save at least some power but get good performance in game.

              I think the way Chill behaves is in conflict with the ability to use FreeSync and avoid screen tearing because I need to limit the framerate to the top end of the FreeSync range to avoid screen tearing yet to get maximum delta FPS increase from Chill Min I have to set Chill max at 300.


              Because of this behavior, if I only move my mouse, the FPS will increase up towards the 300 limit, burning more power than needed, as 300 is way above the top end of the FreeSync Range.


              Can I please ask that AMD either fix the issue with keyboard only input FPS being limited to Chill Min+ (15-25) FPS or else clearly state on your advertising that using Chill limits your Frame Rate to that level?


              I understand that recent AMD cards (RX480/RX580/RXVega56/RXVega64) require much more power than Nvidia cards in the same performance class.
              I understand turning Chill on is supposed to save power on AMD cards when your in game character is stationary and no keyboard or mouse input is applied, and Frame Rate Drop is expected.

              I understand that moving the mouse (wildly in some games like the Witcher 3)  will allow you to hit an FPS towards Chill Max.


              As far as I see it, in practice running Chill on many games I have tested, Chill either limits the in game Frame Rate to lower than acceptable levels and saves power or I have to set Chill Min so high the Frame rate is O.K. but the power saving is minimal.


              I would really like to be able to use Chill.
              I can see how moving my in game character from standstill (Chill Min) with Keyboard Input should give reduced latency and better FPS (Chill Max) for longer because the GPU temperature should be lower because of lower power consumption due to Chill.


              I would really like to be able to save power on my cards.


              I wish Chill was 'on' by default.


              Please look into this issue, and fix it for your next major driver release for supported games.
              This should be a major improvement for owners of Vega 56 and 64 (if it currently does behave the same way as FuryX cards) who use their cards for gaming.
              If it does actually work o.k. on Vega 56/64/RX580 then please fix Chill so it works in a usable manner with your previous R9 FuryX/Fury/Nano  and below cards.