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    Short Changed



      My first build with ryzen. Its name comes from the fact I took a lot of its parts and used them in my other build. This will get my current GPU when/if my other build gets an upgrade. If not I may switch to a 2400g as thats the cheaper route for me.


      rig 2.JPG




      CPURyzen 7 1700X
      MotherboardGigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming 5
      Memory16 GB Zadak DDR4 3000 @3200
      GraphicsJunk pile GTX 650
      Disc Drive 1WD Black 256GB Performance NVME SSD
      Disc Drive 2Seagate 1TB Firecuda
      Disc Drive 3
      PSUEVGA 600B Bronze
      CaseSilverStone RL05BB-W
      MonitorBenQ GW2280HM