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18.7.1 - ReLive No microphone audio in separate track.

Question asked by maxim on Aug 2, 2018



Tried recording with ReLive. It crashed silently after roughly 1m30s (rendering the file unusable because of broken headers) for a while, then finally started recording until I stop it myself - for now at least. But Here's my issue: ReLive captures my mic for roughly half a second before becoming completely mute and produces an audio file that is 8-16kB no matter how long the recording is. I'm attaching the waveform that shows exactly how much it records before stopping completely. What you see on the pic is just the background noise at the very start of the recording (greatly amplified so you can actually see it) that does come from my mic for sure. I'm using Samson Meteor USB condenser mic.


Any ideas how to fix it other than trying a different version or waiting for an official fix?