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Problem after fail updating GPU drivers

Question asked by wildseal on Aug 2, 2018

Hello everyone,

I've decided to update my graphics card drivers. This is what i did:
1. I downloaded the latest graphics card drivers from AMD website,

2. I installed it choosing optional latest driver,

3. I blocked my system with Win + L and I went away,

4. I came back and there was nothing. No installator, no process, so I thought that the installation is complete and I have to restart my computer (Windows GUI was lagging).
I did it and first what i've seen was an error. I clicked "OK" and computer has restarted.
And now my problem: I see nothing on my display, there's no signal. Even in BIOS. I'm 90% sure everything is working fine because when open BIOS by pressing delete button and after I turn my computer off, it does it faster than in case when i let system start.


What should I do now?