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crimson 18.7.1 remarks.

Question asked by cplifj on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2018 by locodicegr

After several clean installs of latest windows 10 (spring creators update on a fully firmware patched Z77 system, including latest spectre patches) combined with VEGA 64 XTX and crimson 18.7.1 gives a NON CONSISTANT RESUL.T.


The one time, the amd Pci bus driver gets installed and the other time it does not. Totally random it appears , when nothing else on the system changes.


But no matter if this pci bus driver gets installed or not. Clockspeeds tend to stay stuck most of the time after playing any game or watching any video. I have to use crimsons Factory reset to get clocks back to normal idle….


So it appears to me AMD still does not know how to make a decent driver.   Also that may be the reason why Micorsoft only shoves the older crimson driver standard which does not support WDDM 2.4 as required or available with latest win 10 but they only install the wddm 2.2 driver. Not designed with latest win 10 in mind even. That part is Microsofts doing , but all the rest comes down to AMD amateurism.