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    Thread stuck in device driver





      My R9 390 (8g) over the last week has started the blue screen of death and with this message (Thread stuck in device driver)


      I have removed the latest software and installed the last 3 earlyer versions and i still get the same problem I have even done a new setup of windows 10 on a bare drive and i still get the same message.

      My video card has not been messed with or modded in any way.

      This must be a software issue as the card is in perfect condition never been hot.


      Please if you have had this issue can you share your what you did to resolve it..




      Thank you in advance


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          Do Anyone from AMD ever respond to problems of this nature? or is it just the simple one's?

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              No they don't...and they tell you so.

              User-to-user means you are asking AMD users if they have experienced the same problem as you, and do they have a way to fix it. If you are given suggestions to try, that's called being helpful. Without supplying information...useful information...it's a guessing game. Which most of us don't play.



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              What driver version are you running?

              What operating system?


              I suggest installing 18.5.1.

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                Yo J,


                i think i could be helpfull, not telling how to fix it, but telling you how to pass around that problem...

                it worked with me by the following way, well, rather than starting your driver updating, like normally, by clicking onto the driver.exe file, its better if you tried doing it by the device manager of windows, by right clicking the windows icon at the left-down side of your display....


                then you choose the gpu which has the wrong driver installed, check it at each device driver tab.


                selected the the wrong driver gpu, click on uninstal device.


                this gpu will appear at a different place, on the device manager window, with an some icon on it, like this ''!'', click on it, then click on look for driver on computer, show the correct tab where you had stored your updated driver, then its done, restart the pc and its completelly done.


                If any gpu showed signature problems, use the atikmdag-patcher to fix it.


                have a good night brotha,