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    How to overclock Vega 11?


      Hello All,

      I have an Ryzen 5 2400g apu. In the bios of my motherboard there isn't any section for GPU clock frequency (I believe it is removed by AMD latest updates). Also if I use "Ryzen master" to overclock the clock frequency, the computer doesn't boot and I need to reset the bios to boot it again. According to the Ryzen master the clock frequency is 400 Mhz which sounds ridiculous to me. Any help?


      My hardware is:

      MSI B350 Tomahawk

      16GB Gskill Flarex 3200

      420Watt Seasonic 80 Plus power supply

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          400mhz is 'out of the box' setting, according to the user guide (safety feature for first time setup maybe ?).

          Are bios/chipset drivers up to date, do you have version 1.2 of RM ?

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              Chipset version is 18.7.1 and the bios is also up to date. RM is 1.2 version. If I change the GPU clock speed to 1Ghz let's say, I need to clear CMOS and then in Windows, RM reads the GPU clock speed as desired but when I reboot the system without any change RM goes crazy and the GPU gets reverted to 200 Mhz while the CPU becomes 4500Mhz. Crazy stuff.