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    processor AMD FX-4300


      Can you help me find out if the memory KEMBONA ddr3 4gb for AMD 1600mhz pc12800 240pin  will work correctly with the processor AMD FX-4300?

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          natalia, more information is needed.  Please post all your system specifications.  Enjoy, John.

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            If you are interested, here is the RAM MEMORY QVL List for your Motherboard from ASrock Support: https://www.asrock.com/mb/memory/N68C-GS%20FX.pdf


            KEMBONA RAM MEMORY seems to be a Chinese made RAM Memory. Since it is listed on Chinese etail sites such as Alibaba and DHGate which deals with Chinese and Asian made products and nowhere else when I googled the RAM Memory.


            If you already purchased the RAM Memory go ahead and try it and see if your computer boots up and works. But if you start having memory type issues or other strange issues than it probably isn't compatible. Best advice is to purchase a RAM MEMORY from the QVL List for best results.


            The QVL List is a list that the Manufacturer of your Motherboard have tried and tested for compatibility issues with those particular RAM MEMORY Modules listed. If you RAM MEMORY is not listed is because it hasn't been tested to see if it is compatible or it was found to be not compatible with the motherboard.

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