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Performance Doubt, Possible GPU Usage Problem.

Question asked by frozzy on Aug 1, 2018
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I've been a few days struggling with these and reading all kind of articles and forums, but in the end I decided to post here...


The thing is, I recently bought a 'budget' laptop for my wife so we could play some games together, (Acer Aspire 515-41G...) nothing too new or demanding, so far I've tried Guild Wars 2 and Heroes of the Storm.  But the thing is, the performance is not what I was expecting at all; all I was looking for was something that could run the games smoothly with low settings, maybe medium or half-medium at most.


But even in low settings, I'm running into low fps and stuttering, the performance is much worst than my own laptop that is an older hardware. We both use laptops cause we move constantly so desktop is not an option.


My Wife's Laptop.


Processor AMD A12-9720p
Dedicated Graphics Card AMD Radeon RX 540
8 GB of RAM DDR4
Windows 10


My Own Laptop.
Processor Intel Core I5-4210u
Dedicated Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD 8500M
8GB of RAM DD4 (I think...)
Windows 8.1

So my own laptop is much older, but the performance is much better than her new one, I play GW2, Hots, SCII and other games with very smooth fps in low settings. Am I missing something, I thought her laptop should do much better, or at the very least the same.


One thing I noticed is that the GPU usage of her Laptop Never goes past around 50%, so there might be an issue there, but I've tried reinstalling drivers, even with the clean uninstall utility and everything, and I still have the same issues.


Am I missing something... or is her new laptop just much worst than my own 5 year old Laptop...