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Hello I have a problem whit SAPPHIRE VAPOR-X R9 270X

Question asked by rado on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2018 by rado

Hello ! I have a problem whit installing the latest drivers (Adrenalin Edition 18.7.1 Optional) First time when was I try, was from the Radeon Settings on my computer,I just tryed to update, because I have the notification ! Till installation was in progress, display became dark (that is normal) then starts again, and in next second becomes black again and did not start ! I was wait half an hour... nothing change. I restarted the computer.. starts normal to the logo of windows, then become again dark... and doesn't want to turn on ! I Restart again... same problem. I re-install Windows 10 (my old was the same windows) and everything was normal till the time i try to update the driver again... That's why I re-install windows for the second time, but when I came to the step whit update on the driver I have install Team Viewer and watch trough my phone what is happening.... display goes dark again, but on the phone everything was normal ! On the end of installation, says I'm updated to the last driver, but display didn't works.... I re-install driver trough my phone, and display starts again ! Than I use AMD Clean Uputility to clean all things and I try to find driver form official site manually, the story repeats again ! Than I try whit auto-detect tool, but everything was the same.. black screen till I uninstall all things from AMD ! Windows is up to date ! And whit driver 17.1.1 works fine !