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    amd A8 6600K not working correctly.


      Hi everyone,


      my name is Fade. since a few weeks ago I got some problems with my PC.

      And I wonder if you guys know what's wrong with my CPU.


      Since 2 weeks ago my pc started to do weird. it did things that it didn't do before. 1 week ago my GPU died due overheat I think. I have great airflow and a great cooling in the case,

      but I think that the overclock it became to hot. but let's switch to topic again. my CPU is doing weird than normal. I am a video editor and my render times became longer than usual,

      some games that I played with the intergraded graphics are now unplayable for a reason and I wonder why. Even CSGO 1.6 is not playable. One of my  friend's suggested to install

      a new driver, but when I install the driver I get a black screen and am I forced to restart my pc. Only it doesn't install the driver. I can't play games with the intergraded graphics anymore.


      I am running on Windows 10 Pro, AMD A8-6600K cpu with Radeon graphics, Asus A88XM-A motherboard with 8 gb of ddr3 RAM 1333Mhz (dual channel 2x4) and an 750W PSU.

      this CPU was pretty decent for me and I dont want to buy a new cpu yet, but if I need to than there is no option.


      I hope some of you guys know what my problem is.


      Thanks for your time,


      Fade Edits.