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Halo Combat Evolved Graphical Issues

Question asked by golimb on Jul 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2018 by pokester

Hello, ever since roughly this time last year (maybe September 2017), I've had massive flickering issues with Halo Combat Evolved (PC).


Here is an example:



And again:






As these are just screenshots its hard to picture how this actually looks in real time, but I assure you, its enough to take anyone out of the game experience, these graphical errors happen extremely often and change the entire layout of what I am looking at, at any given time. It will cause many textures to turn see-through and flicker like this many times per frame, they stay still if I don't move the player view.


Since May 2017 I have had a Ryzen 1800x running from an Asus Crosshair VI Hero and a cross-fired pair of R9 270x's, they ran Halo fine until some point around September/October last year and then this started happening, I upgraded to a cross-fired pair of R9 380's and the exact same thing was occurring, I then upgraded to a singular R9 390x around May and nothing changed.


I've tried all the possible different graphics profile options in the Radeon Settings menu and all I end up with is this problem becoming even worse.


Everything points to a driver breaking this game but I feel like I should not have to downgrade so far back just to get this 17 year old game to run properly.


Please advise, I am happy to answer any questions.


Thank you.




Here are some more screenshots.