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    2 weeks with no new drivers after a very dramatic bug


      No new driver yet?


      18.5.1 is sh+t

      18.7.1 is sh+t



      Fortnite need 18.7.1 but with this driver I can't use my pc for mouse freeze issue.

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          There is typically only about 1 driver every 30 days released. Try turning on mouse trails and setting it to the shortest setting. This helps for many with that issue. You can report your frustration to AMD, these forums are other users just like you. Issue Report: AMD Issue Reporting Form

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            what is your bug?


            mouse freeze? - plenty of solutions out there
            Fortnite bad performance? - not AMDs fault...

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                Why would anybody have to use "workaround fixes" to get their mouse working back to normal as it allways did before those AMD drivers got released and installed ??


                Try to come with a decent adult response to that.  I too had mouse problems that just as misteriously went away as they came with the amd driver install.

                only a day later it fixed itself out of the frikkin blue.  Is their some build in AI at work here ??? Or is it just remote hacking and fixing peoples pc's ??



                Since a pc can not do anything it isn't told to do.....ain't that right Microsoft ?

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                    ??? adult answer:


                    in the last 9 month MS changed 2 times how hardware is spoken to; that created problems for Intel, Nvidia and AMD;
                    we have a lot of HW combos possible (+150k) - if all Vendors stick to standards it is most likely that it will work - but its enough if ONE Vendor doesnt and we will have errors, bugs etc


                    even if all stick to standards there can be problems - like (same system) works fine with 1 screen but has issues with 2 screens etc


                    you "childishly" think that Driver-Devs have to think about everything and make it fail safe perfect - but they cant, otherwise there would be one new driver per year - which will be 3gb large etc


                    believe me AMD doesnt use backdoors if you dont do anything wrong - only to send data when childporn is found (as Nvida, Intel, Microsoft, many linux, vlc etc do)


                    btw if your issue was fixed the next day - you did install your driver over the old driver and didnt restart? yeah - that can make problems


                    pls use DDU (in safe mode) before installing a new driver and reboot when needed


                    and MS does ALOT with your PC - but you can disable alot of it

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                      Well regardless of all the countless good reason I will stick to one that YOU MUST NOT GET. This is a USER TO USER COMMUNITY FORUM NOT AMD EMPLOYEES SUPPORTING, IT IS USERS JUST LIKE YOU! So in most cases the only fixes there are to offer are the work around fixes we have come to find helpful. If you are expecting something else then you should contact AMD, they aren't here in these forums, at least not DRIVER DEVELOPMENT. So open a support ticket, the only way AMD GIVES YOU TO CONTACT THEM: Email Form  Please stop insulting those trying to help you. We are volunteers, we didn't create your problem, have no influence over fixing it more than you do, and can only share any fix we have found to deal with it.


                      Now that being said it is the drivers being updated to meet the new graphical standards released as Windows evolves. MS does a poor job of letting anyone know the changes and the hardware guys are playing catch up at release. It has been proven time and time again that the mice products with the latest driver updates do work fine with a MOUSE DRIVER UPDATE. Blame Logitech or whoever for not updating to the new standards not AMD who did update and now conflicts with the non-conforming mouse driver. AMD also is not the only one to have this issue with the mouse. I bought a new mouse when my Logitech mouse did this and my new Razor works fine, it wasn't an AMD issue. My sons new Logitech mouse with the new driver also has no issue but my old mouse won't load that driver. Who's cheating you hear, AMD conforming to standards and support it on old hardware or the mouse company that only cares about selling you a new mouse? Times change you have to move on, just understand the blame isn't always where it logically seems to be when you are ignorant of the facts. And certainly don't belittle those trying to help when you were the one who came looking for it.